Quality Control Equipment

High Voltage Capacitor Testing System


  • Designed to test the CVT capacitors as desktop equipment
  • Voltage can be test upto 7kV DC
  • Current test range vary from 0.01mA to 5mA

Unwinding Rewinding Machine


  • Designed to correct the badly wound rolls
  • & to change the diameter of the rolls
  • Automatic detection of unwinder & rewinder
  • spools diameter
  • Automatic edge guiding system for automatic
  • margin adjustment throughout winding

Automatic Charge Discharge Device Tester


  • AC/DC breakdown tester & insulation
  • resistance (IR) tester
  • AC – 0.05kV to 5kV, 0.1mA to 20mA
  • DC – 0.05kV to 6kV, 0.01mA to 5mA
  • IR – 0.05kV to 1kV, 0.1MΩ-10GΩ(current 
  • range within 10nA-10mA)
  • Fast discharge & arc detection function

Pin Hole Tester

                 Model PHT150 

  • Designed to detect pin holes/weak points on a
  • metalized polypropylene(MPP) film or BOPP film
  • Handles 30 to 150mm film widths
  • Adjustable voltage from 400V to 5000V DC
  • Current reach upto 10mA

Wobble Tester


  • Designed to measure the face geometry of spools
  • Easily adjustable for different film width
  • ID of spool – 75mm
  • OD of spool – 400mm
  • Width is from min. 30mm to max. 125mm

AC/DC/IR Breakdown Tester


  • To test discharging efficiency of the power
  • factor capacitors discharging devices
  • Capacitance – 1-25KVAR & test voltage
  • 100-1000V DC
  • Charge/discharge time upto 60sec
  • Short circuit & overload protection