A Complete Solutions for Capacitor Industries Under One Roof, We are Best in Capacitor winding Machine.

Jognic’s established in the year 1981 is an Engineering, Technical, Manufacturing & Exporting Organization catering the Global market with its special purpose Machinery for Capacitor Industries for Four Decades in Bangalore, India.

We are the First Indian Company to provide the solutions to Capacitor Manufacturing Industries through our wide range of Products like Manual Capacitor Winding Machine, Automatic Capacitor Winding Machines, Automatic Capacitor Testing Machines, Automatic Capacitor Processing machines, Quality Control Equipment’s and Capacitor Measuring Instruments.

We are specialist in Special purpose Machine for Capacitor Manufacturing Industries and for all your Critical Process in Productivity, Automation & Reducing Manpower.

The capabilities we use in our SPM sub-segment, include design and development of machines, vendor development of casting, bought-out components and electronic sub-assemblies, sheet fabrication, heavy duty and precision machining and assembly, testing and on-site installation

Innovation, uncompromised Quality, Passion for Technology & Development, seamless service and most importantly the Business Ethics which have made Jognic’s stand as the Leading & Unique organization globally all these decades.

We aim for functionality, Flexibility, Reliability, Serviceability, Affordability, Ergonomics in our Custom built Products in the same ordered

“Development keeps us moving

                              Quality keeps us ahead”

A milestone year has arrived for JOGNIC’S, 2021.

The year in which we celebrate our 40 years 

Service  to our customers.

Top priority has always been their satisfaction.

Commitment with innovation.

Perseverance and versatility.

Eyes set on the present and the future.

We have passion for technology, we continuously explore & adapt emerging technologies & processes. With our proven in house design, expertise, manufacturing excellence & intelligent automation, we always thrive to implement new ideas for betterment of our products.

We ensure the highest levels of certainty and satisfaction through accessibility, comprehensive Service & deep-set commitment to our clients. We try to help our customers achieve their business goals by offering best-in-class solution & services in time.

Through Our robust in house design, precise components procured from the best sources cross the world & our uncompromised quality consciousness we are committed to deliver the best quality product to our clients in time.

Our Business Partners