LT capacitor process machine

Automatic Surface Brushing Machine

Model SBM

Developed to clean the zinc sprayed elements

Suitable for elements of range 16-60mm dia & 30-110mm length

Automatic loading of elements & binning of cleaned elements

LT capacitor process machine

Thermal Press

 Model TP20

Designed to press the coreless type wound capacitors

Pressure is continuously adjusted upto 150kg/cm² &

temperature upto 150°c

Maximum diameter of the component is 40mm

LT capacitor process machine

Resin Dispensing Machine

Model RDM100 

Designed to dispense the mixture of resin & hardener in a desired ratio into the capacitor cans

Ratio of resin & hardener mixing, volume/quantity of the mixture for dispensing are programmable

Optional auto index/XY table interface arrangement