Capacitor Element Testing Machine

Automatic Clearing, Testing & Sorting System

                Model DE1000 

  • Automatic feeding of elements from vibrator
  • conveyor & element placing unit
  • Motorized chain indexing unit
  • It consists of 104 stations

Automatic Capacitor Testing System

                Model AE1000RD 

  • Rotary CAM type indexing table
  • Automatic loading of elements from vibrator
  • bowl to conveyor
  • It consists of 20 stations

Automatic Capacitor Testing System

Model AE1000RN

  • Rotary cam type indexing unit
  • Upto 100mfd capacitance value can be tested
  • Handles 30 to 50mm length & 20 to 60mm dia
  • Automatic loading of the components from
  • hopper to conveyor & element placing unit

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